Kanjira quartet

In this video we present “Laya Chathura” featuring Vidwans KV Gopalakrishnan, Shree Sundarkumar, Anirudh Athreya and BS Purushotham playing their own version “Tri-Kala Thalam” (Inspired by Arunagirinathar) which is Kanda Ekam in 2 kalai (10) + Chathusra Ekam in 1 kalai (4) + Thisra Ekam in Half Kalai (1.5).

Laya Chathura is a unique collaboration of 4 of the most sought after & brilliant Kanjira artistes.

This is an initiative as to how Kanjira (usually an accompaniment in Carnatic Music) can be explored to it’s fullest potential as also a main instrument.