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Unplugged 2 | Kailasa – Kathagaan (Full Song) - Mar 31, 2013

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Slow n Fast with B. Shree Sundarkumar - Mar 30, 2013

Sri.G.Guruprasanna on kanjira at Bhakthameera Temple - Mar 30, 2013

Sri. Sanjay Subrahmanyan -vocal
Sri.Nagai Muralidharan-violin
Sri.Mannargudi Easwaran-Mridangam
Sri.Tripunithura N.Radhakrishnan-Ghatom

Live concert held at Bhakthameera Temple,Vyttila, Ernakulam District, Kerala on 4.2.2012

Tani Avarthanam by Kanjira Shree Sundarkumar - Mar 30, 2013

Khanjira (Kanjira) Solo by Bangalore Sri Amrit - Mar 28, 2013

Amrit Nataraj Khanjira solo

Karaikudi Mani and G Harishankar – Mridangam and Ganjira Drum Solos - Mar 19, 2013

“Guru Brahma” ft. Mahesh Vinayakram, Sree Sundarkumar, Puneet Gabriel and Shankar Tucker - Mar 19, 2013

Art of Kanjira DVD by Ganesh Kumar - Mar 10, 2009

This 2 DVD set is the first instructional released for kanjira. It features introduction to the instrument, beginning phrases, accompanying phrases, compositions, subdivisions examined, and many solos. It is a 2 DVD set complete with interview and lessons to help you learn this powerful tambourine. Filmed with multiple angles and produced by a student of the instrument for other students, this dvd is a must have in your learning the art of kanjira playing.
Available for sale at

Ganesh Kumar from PASIC 2007 - Mar 10, 2009

Sri Subash Chandran and Ganesh Kumar performed in Columbus, Ohio at PASIC 2007. Here’s a clip of Ganesh Kumar’s kanjira solo from the event:

Amrit Nataraj DVD available at - Mar 10, 2009

Khanjira: A Journey Within is now available at
The DVD covers holding the instrument, basic strokes, phrases starting from 3 strokes through 6 strokes, and ending phrases often referred to as “ta di ki ta thoms”. Whether you are already playing the instrument or just beginning this DVD is a good DVD to add to your collection.