Kanjira Quartet – MadRasana Unplugged

Season 04 Episode 01

MadRasana Unplugged Season 04 Episode 01

In this video we present “Laya Chathura” featuring Vidwans KV Gopalakrishnan, Shree Sundarkumar, Anirudh Athreya and BS Purushotham playing their own version “Tri-Kala Thalam” (Inspired by Arunagirinathar) which is Kanda Ekam in 2 kalai (10) + Chathusra Ekam in 1 kalai (4) + Thisra Ekam in Half Kalai (1.5).

Laya Chathura is a unique collaboration of 4 of the most sought after & brilliant Kanjira artistes.

This is an initiative as to how Kanjira (usually an accompaniment in Carnatic Music) can be explored to it’s fullest potential as also a main instrument.

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